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Learning Martial Arts is a journey, not a destination! The programs at Ahn Taekwondo Institute include the most exciting and beneficial aspects of the Martial Arts. No two classes are exactly alike. You will learn a variety of skills and drills making training fun and exciting, challenging, but not overwhelming. 

Our programs offer something for everyone: short trial periods to regular memberships. We have programs available for most budget levels. During yo
ur introduction, we can offer suggestions and help you to select the best program to fit your needs. We offer family memberships at discounted rates.

Special Classes including Olympic-style sparring, specialized breaking, and self-defense are also available.

In addition, we offer full inclusion and/or private lessons for adults & children with special needs.



As you learn your rank requirements and test for your next belts, you will be presented with a new set of skills to learn. The process continues, offering a lifetime of learning through colored belts, various degrees of Black Belts, Master Degrees and beyond. We believe that learning Martial Arts is a journey, not a destination.

Family Taekwondo

Families are our specialty. Taekwondo training helps children and adults develop greater self-control and self-discipline in everything they do. Our training instills confidence through positive coaching, lots of encouragement and a powerful mentoring relationship with role model leaders. We also teach valuable life skills that focus on goal-setting, positive attitude, relationship building, communication skills and leadership.


We offer family memberships at discounted rates.


Little bears

Ahn Taekwondo Institute offers a martial arts program specifically designed for children of preschool ages.  The program is tailored to children ages 3  to 4 and focuses on basic martial arts exercises, the development of general coordination and gross motor skills, and the understanding of several life skills through numerous games and activities.  


A typical Little Bears class will begin with a warm-up, stretching, and a discussion of the “class plan.”  The students will then be engaged in numerous activities that focus on basic blocking, punching, and kicking skills using a variety of equipment.  Different games and fun activities are intermixed to help improve a child’s balance and coordination.  Each class will also contain a “life skills” section, with students participating in various activities to develop discipline, respect, listening, and many other skills.  And, as we believe every student should leave class energized, with a smile on their face, each class ends with a game.


Ahn Taekwondo Institute offers the only official Little Bears program in Cincinnati.  If you and your child are interested in a fun, healthy, educational activity, this is the program for your family!   



The UTA Classic Weapons program is developed to teach students the skills and techniques of traditional handheld weapons from a Korean historical perspective.


With a curriculum that includes patterns of basic motions, traditional weapons forms, self-defense techniques and Korean terminology, UTA Classic Weapons students will build a strong foundation in several weapons as they learn and progress through the curriculum.

The UTA Classic Weapons curriculum was developed by Grandmaster Randolph Smith Sr. Grandmaster Smith has more than 50 years of training and teaching weapons. He also holds the rank of 8th Dan in Taekwondo.

Progression of Weapons
  • Long staff

  • Twin sticks

  • Sai

  • Kama

  • Tonfa

  • Sword

The program is designed to be self-sufficient – meaning that a student can achieve Black Belt status in weapons only. It follows a gup (grade) system from 10th (white belt) to Black Belt. Attending classes on a regular basis should position an individual as a Black Belt candidate in about 39 months.

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